Ringing in 2014!

I’ve mentioned it before, but I have this theory that how you spend New Year’s Eve is how the rest of your year will go.  So far in my life, this theory is correct.  If this last New Year’s Eve is any indication of how 2014 will go, I cannot wait for what is in store!  I didn’t wear a sparkly dress or have a champagne toast or even share a kiss with a cute boy, but last Tuesday was still perfect.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day…
Margaret, Nina, Max and I before the ReSOULution Ride
I started my morning with a 90-minute ReSOULution Ride at SoulCycle Rye Brook with my friends, Margaret and Max.  I haven’t taken a class with Margaret since the summer and I can never seem to coordinate a time/instructor with Max, so I was really excited to ride alongside them on the final day of the year.  Then, our instructor Nina began class and I died a little on the inside.  Every song was more amazing than the last. Each song was attached to a memory for me – birthday rides, going-away rides, nights out dancing with friends, etc.  I could not have put together a better playlist to represent my year.  Nina absolutely killed it!  I was nervous that my evening plans couldn’t compete…
After class, I ran some errands and cleaned a bit to prepare for the New Year and a new start.  Getting all fancy for a big party is nice, but nothing beats throwing on leggings, Uggs, and a tutu and calling it a day.  Tuesday was probably my most carefree yet eventful day ever.
Betsy, Sue, and I before the NYE Ride at W77!
My friend, Betsy, and I had plans to catch the 7:45pm train into New York City to make our SoulCycle class on the Upper West Side.  She was getting nervous about the possible chaos we could be heading in to, but I told her not to worry because it was an adventure!  We got off in Harlem and casually made our way south so as to avoid the craziness that is Midtown on New Year’s Eve.  Though it was cold, we had a great time scoping out the city and chatting about life, love, and 2013.  It was probably one of my favorite moments of the day.
Betsy, Jaime, Megan, and I before our last ride of 2013!
We arrived at the studio on West 77thwith plenty of time to settle in and meet up with the rest of our gang.  It was my first time at the W77 studio, so that was a neat experience in itself.  Everyone was so friendly and in great spirits!  At 10:30pm, we jumped on our bikes and began our last class of 2013!  As I mentioned previously, I was nervous that the hour long SoulCycle NYE Party with Sue and Sean wouldn’t be able to hold its own against Nina’s ReSOULution Ride, but it was totally different.  While Nina played hits from 2013, Sue and Sean had us jam out to a variety of tunes that were perfect for this celebration.  The playlist included songs like “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors (except we all shouted “year” instead of “day”) and a cover of “Hey Jude” (a personal fav).  I’m pretty sure I was smiling for the full 60 minutes.
Wine, fireworks, and Central Park…Oh my!
Class got out at 11:30pm which left us just enough time to walk a few blocks over to Central Park.  We cracked open our Sofia Mini cans of sparkling wine and toasted to the New Year as the fireworks display went off at midnight.  Being in my favorite place in New York City with my friends celebrating one of my favorite holidays was a lovely memory that I’ll never forget.
Betsy and I headed home after that hoping not to get stuck on the final train out of the city aka “The Drunk Train” to those of you that watch How I Met Your Mother.  Thankfully, trains ended up running all evening, so our train was practically empty.  To top off my amazing day, the conductor didn’t even punch our tickets.  I know.  Be jealy…

I hope you all are having a wonderful beginning to 2014!

Stay fit and fabulous,


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