My 2014 New Year’s Resolutions

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A little early for this post?  Possibly.  But, there’s no time to start working toward your goals like the present, right?  Speaking of the present, let’s jump right into my New Year’s resolutions.  I’m keeping it short and sweet since as you’ll soon see I get easily distracted.  I’m also focusing purely on the mind and soul this time around.  Once I get those two on track I’m sure my body will follow suit.:

1.  Be present.  While sitting in church on Sunday I couldn’t pay attention because my mind was all over the place.  It was frustrating!  This made me realize that I need to focus more on being present in the current moment.  I fail to do this in two main ways.  First, I get easily distracted by so many different things – my own thoughts, my surroundings, my emotions, my desire to stay connected to people (usually through text messages), my addiction to social media (Hi. My name is Alec and I have a social media problem…), etc.  Starting today, I plan to shut these out as much as possible and focus on the present – the people I’m with, the fun I’m having, and the memories I’m making.  Second,  I focus too much on the past and the future.  I need to stop analyzing the past because as the wise Tim McGraw once sang, “There’s no such thing as what might have been.  That’s a waste of time.  Drive you outta your mind.”  No truer words, Tim!  I need to stop evaluating the past because it’s done with.  Yes – I have the ability to change some things, but I need to learn to let other things go.  Life continues on, right?  In addition, I need to stop worrying about the future because, on a day-to-day basis, life is great!  I need to enjoy it and count my blessings instead of worrying about things I have no control over – especially the past and future.

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2.  Be you.  One shouldn’t have to make it a goal to be themselves, but sometimes we lose track of what’s important.  Recently, I did something that was completely out of character for me.  I’m really upset about it – not just because the outcome ended poorly – but because I went against who I am and what I believe in.  On the same topic of losing sight of who I am, an ex-boyfriend didn’t want me to move up here (especially to NYC) because he said it would change me in a negative way and he didn’t want to see that happen.  I don’t want to ever see that happen no matter where I’m located!  Though we don’t speak anymore, I often think about what he told me.  I use it as motivation to make sure I stay grounded and true to myself.  I take pride in being a fairly unique individual.  I know who I am, and I normally stand my ground pretty firmly (almost to a fault because I can be stubborn).  I don’t ever want to lose that for anyone or anything – whether it be a man or Manhattan – which is why “be you” makes my list this year.

While adding resolutions such as “3. Get the abs of a Victoria’s Secret Angel ASAP.” would be nice, these are the two resolutions I’m hopefully sticking with this year.  I’m keeping it simple and broad in hopes that it helps me achieve these goals.  Earlier this year, I only had 5 resolutions for 2013 and I completely forgot about them by spring! #typical I can easily write this year’s resolutions on a sticky note as a daily reminder of what I’m working toward.  Be present.  Be you.

What are your resolutions for 2014?  Let me know in the comments below!
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