FITerview with Jacquie Rabinowitz

Jacquie Rabinowitz

We all need a little inspiration around this time of year to stay active and eat healthy. In honor of today being #WomanCrushWednesday, I give you my latest FITerview with my girl crush, Jacquie Rabinowitz. Jacquie is equal parts loving and badass. During her old bootcamp sessions, she’d have me work up a sweat while… [Read More]

Life Update: Where The Heck Have I Been?!

Midtown Manhattan

You’re probably wondering why I dropped off the blogging planet. Or not. But, I’m going to tell you anyway… A month ago, I began a new job in Midtown Manhattan. While searching for a new career, I had five main requirements I was looking for, and this one has them all. It really is a… [Read More]

Friday Favorites


Happy Friday! Here is what I’m loving this week: Movember:  You might have noticed there are an unnatural amount of guys with mustaches these days. No, you aren’t in an episode of Miami Vice…It’s Movember! November has been designated the month to raise awareness for men’s health.  The Movember Foundation encourages men to grow mustaches as… [Read More]

Thursday Thoughts: Dream Guy 2.0


Two years ago, I wrote a post about my Dream Guy. It’s long, it’s detailed, and I credit it with getting me two interviews for The Bachelor (not that I should admit that…). While I still find many of the qualities I discussed in that post attractive, a lot has happened in the last two years. And by… [Read More]

FITerview with Lauren Taus

LT FITerview 4

Happy (mid) November, y’all! In my opinion, Halloween officially kicks off the holiday season. The period from Halloween to Valentine’s Day is probably my favorite time of year, but it also comes with more tempting sweet treats than usual. We’ve stuffed ourselves with leftover candy, and soon we will be eating Thanksgiving feasts and holiday cookies! Now… [Read More]



I didn’t want to wake up when my alarm went off at 4:50am this morning, but I forced myself not to hit the snooze button. I sleepily pulled on my leggings and laced up my sneakers. I met my roommate, Olivia, at the door and we slowly made our way down to the West Village for our early morning… [Read More]

Holly Rilinger at #FitBlogNYC 2014

Holly Rilinger

A couple weeks ago, I attended Fitness Magazine’s #FitBlogNYC event and had the pleasure of meeting ex-professional basketball player and current Flywheel master instructor and Nike master trainer, Holly Rilinger. Holly is a motivational ball of energy, and everyone in the room was drawn to her as she spoke. She gave great advice for everyone – no… [Read More]

PopFitLife Got A Makeover!

Old PopFitLife Header

It was time. As someone who can’t even keep the same haircut for too long, I wanted a change for my blog. PopFitLife has come a long way since I first published it in 2011 (It was called “Adventures with Alexandra” for the first year!), and I wanted a new look to reflect that. Finding someone to… [Read More]