2015 TIU Bikini Series Check-In: Week 2


Happy Monday! Week two of the Tone It Up Bikini Series is complete. This was another crazy week for me as I spent the first two days traveling to Minnesota for a funeral. I packed some airport snacks, but not enough for my long days of traveling. I cracked and got a veggie quesadilla at the… [Read More]

2015 TIU Bikini Series Check-In: Week 1


Happy Monday! I completed my first full week of the 2015 Tone It Up Bikini Series. It was fantastic to get in so much exercise. It’s been months since I’ve worked out this much, and my body was craving the sweat and endorphins! It wasn’t a regular week for me as I had two college… [Read More]

Weekend Recap: Food & The Flix


I know I’m pushing it with this one since it’s almost the next weekend, but it’s been a crazy week. Please forgive me… On Friday, the boyfriend and I were both craving burgers, so we headed over to Big Daddy’s on West 91st. With the unusual menu, the fun decor, and Trivial Pursuit cards on every… [Read More]

Join Me For The 2015 TIU Bikini Series!

Bikini Series 2015

Last November, I joined Corporate America which has taken a toll on my fitness and healthy eating habits. If I’m going be honest, my eating habits have never been great (I’ve always admitted that food is my kryptonite!), but I was surrounded by more kale chips and green juices while working at SoulCycle and Lululemon… [Read More]

Meet & Greet with Gretchen Rubin & Arianna Huffington


Tuesday night I was lucky enough to attend a discussion and signing with writers Gretchen Rubin and Arianna Huffington at the Upper West Side Barnes and Nobel. I originally was drawn to this event because Gretchen Rubin has been one of my favorite authors since I randomly discovered her book, The Happiness Project, at the library… [Read More]

New Season. New Life.


Happy April! With weather in the 60’s this week, spring seems to finally be creeping its way into New York City. Not only is the season changing, but my life is currently going through a transition as well (hence why new posts have been MIA recently). I’m not going to lie – I’m not sad… [Read More]

Weekend Recap: Happy Birthentine’s Day To Me!

Blog 5

Even though the temperatures have been below freezing here in New York City, I didn’t let that stop me from having the most wonderful Birthday and Valentine’s Day weekend! It was packed full of surprises, Fifty Shades of Grey, chocolate covered strawberries, romantic dinners, and SoulCycle. Thank you to everyone that made it a fantastic… [Read More]

Movie Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

Blog 2

Last week, I attended the special screening of Fifty Shades of Grey hosted by NBC’s The Today Show with my friend, Layne. You might remember Layne from this ModelFIT post or this post about grabbing coffee at Central Perk. We’ve bonded over sweat sessions and our pop culture addictions, so I knew she would be the perfect… [Read More]

January Fun!

Blog 8

I feel as though I’ve been ignoring PopFitLife this year. My initial reasoning was that I’ve been all work and no play recently, but then I realized that’s not true at all! I’ve been doing tons of awesome, blog worthy things, but I just haven’t been taking the time to snap many photos. (I guess this is a… [Read More]