Friday Favorites 8.28.15


Subway Book Review – This is the most genius Instagram account I’ve ever followed! Uli Beutter Cohen, the creator of Subway Book Review, finds people reading actual books (as opposed to e-books) on the subway, takes their photo (always in black & white), and gets a brief review of the book from the reader. How… [Read More]

My 2015 Summer Reading List

I Like Big Books And I Cannot Lie

One of my favorite things about summer is a great summer reading list! No, not necessarily the kind of reading list we were forced to conquer in school (although there was always one or two books I ended up loving). I’m talking about the list we make (if only mentally) of our “beach reads” –… [Read More]

Diary Of A Twenty-Something: Weekend Wackiness


This weekend was filled with meatballs and moving! Check out my weekend adventures: Stay fit and fabulous, A If you enjoy what you read, check out my social media pages (links in top right corner) for more adventures!

Diary Of A Twenty-Something: Weekend In Connecticut

July 19th

I ran off to Connecticut this weekend to visit family, eat delicious food (Did you know CT is known for its pizza?!), and check out my ol’ stomping grounds. Catch it all and more in this week’s episode of Diary of a Twenty-Something! Stay fit and fabulous, A If you enjoy what you read, check… [Read More]

Diary Of A Twenty-Something: Libraries, LUSH, & Life


I know it’s practically this weekend already, but better late than never, right? Join me as I eat, shop, and read my way around New York City in my latest Diary Of A Twenty-Something vlog! What fun things do you have planned for your weekend? Let me know in the comments below! Stay fit and… [Read More]

A to Z Survey

A to Z

I love a good survey! (Does anyone else miss the good ol’ days of MySpace and e-mail chain surveys? Just me?) This one caught my eye while I was catching up on posts from Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers. So without further ado, my answers to the A to Z Survey… A to Z Survey… [Read More]

Diary of a Twenty-Something: Fourth of July 2015

Fourth of July

This past weekend, I headed over to Pennsylvania to see where Nick grew up, meet his friends and family for the first time, and celebrate America’s birthday! Check out all of the fun in this week’s vlog below: How did you celebrate America’s 239th birthday? Let me know in the comments below! Stay fit and… [Read More]

FriYAY Favorites 7.3.15


Here’s what I’m lovin’ this week: Orange Is The New Black Season 3: [Disclaimer: Don’t read this section until you’ve finished all three seasons because I can’t promise that I don’t spoil anything for you.] I just finished season 3 of Orange Is The New Black this week, and I have to say that I’m still… [Read More]

Central Park Fun!


The island of Manhattan seems so small, but when you are in Central Park, the park seems so large! I could spend the entire day just wandering around and exploring new areas which is exactly what I’ve been doing the past few weekends. For my first Central Park adventure, Nick and I ventured to the Upper… [Read More]