Restaurant Review: Emack & Bolio’s


The wonderful – and equally horrible – thing about New York City is the food. There are apps/websites like Seamless and UberEATS that will deliver practically any type of meal imaginable to your door. On the same block, you can buy a $1 pizza slice or a $300 hamburger. This city is filled with the… [Read More]

2015 TIU Bikini Series Check-In: Week 5


Happy Monday! That’s a wrap on Week 5 of the Tone It Up Bikini Series! I can’t believe I’ve actually stuck with it this long, but I think it’s starting to make its mark on my habits. While I still schedule ice cream date nights with my boyfriend, I also mentally prepare for it throughout the… [Read More]

2015 TIU Bikini Series Check-In: Week 4


Happy Monday! That’s a wrap on Week 4 of the Tone It Up Bikini Series which means we are halfway through!  I completely forgot to mention that I already crossed off one of my Bikini Series goals last week – I spring cleaned my room! It’s so nice being able to get rid of lots of old junk… [Read More]

The Tone It Up Tour!


Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to attend the launch party of Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott’s new book, Tone It Up: 28 Days to Fit, Fierce, & Fabulous. Their book gives readers a tiny look into Karena and Katrina’s fitness journeys while helping the readers improve their own lives. Karena and Katrina decided to create… [Read More]

2015 TIU Bikini Series Check-In: Week 3


Happy Monday! Last week was probably my first rough week with the Tone It Up Bikini Series. Oddly enough, it wasn’t that I turned to junk food. Instead, I didn’t really turn to any food which is just as bad. I doubt I got a sufficient amount of calories Thursday through Saturday. I just haven’t… [Read More]

2015 TIU Bikini Series Check-In: Week 2


Happy Monday! Week two of the Tone It Up Bikini Series is complete. This was another crazy week for me as I spent the first two days traveling to Minnesota for a funeral. I packed some airport snacks, but not enough for my long days of traveling. I cracked and got a veggie quesadilla at the… [Read More]

2015 TIU Bikini Series Check-In: Week 1


Happy Monday! I completed my first full week of the 2015 Tone It Up Bikini Series. It was fantastic to get in so much exercise. It’s been months since I’ve worked out this much, and my body was craving the sweat and endorphins! It wasn’t a regular week for me as I had two college… [Read More]

Weekend Recap: Food & The Flix


I know I’m pushing it with this one since it’s almost the next weekend, but it’s been a crazy week. Please forgive me… On Friday, the boyfriend and I were both craving burgers, so we headed over to Big Daddy’s on West 91st. With the unusual menu, the fun decor, and Trivial Pursuit cards on every… [Read More]

Join Me For The 2015 TIU Bikini Series!

Bikini Series 2015

Last November, I joined Corporate America which has taken a toll on my fitness and healthy eating habits. If I’m going be honest, my eating habits have never been great (I’ve always admitted that food is my kryptonite!), but I was surrounded by more kale chips and green juices while working at SoulCycle and Lululemon… [Read More]